IOM and Local Authorities Inaugurate New Solar-Powered Water Project in Ta’iz

In Shawhat, officials and residents come together to mark the inauguration of a vital water intervention. Photo: IOM

Ta’iz Governorate, Yemen – Last week marked a significant milestone as the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and local authorities unveiled a new water project in Shawhat, Ta’iz Governorate. Made possible through funding from EU Humanitarian Aid, this intervention stands to benefit over 6,700 host community members and internally displaced persons. 

In attendance were the Director General of Ash Shammayteen District and the Head of General Authority for Rural Water Supply Projects (GARWSP) in Ta’iz, alongside Governor Nabeel Shamsan, who expressed his satisfaction with the intervention, highlighting its vital role in providing essential services and bolstering regional water infrastructure.  

“Ensuring access to safe drinking water is crucial for the well-being of communities in Yemen,” emphasized Matt Huber, IOM’s Acting Chief of Mission in Yemen. “With funding for fuel becoming increasingly scarce, it’s imperative that we prioritize sustainable solutions such as solar energy, which offers a viable and environmentally friendly solution to the country’s water supply needs.” 

Located centrally within the Ash Shamayatayn district, the Shawhat Area features a varied terrain characterized by plateaus, valleys, and mountains. Home to over 6,700 people across 17 villages, this rugged terrain poses both challenges and opportunities for water supply projects, making the new water project pivotal in ensuring access to safe drinking water for the community. 

Since 2021, IOM has been actively engaged in South Ta’iz, implementing a variety of critical interventions and fostering communication and collaboration with local stakeholders. Working closely with local authorities, IOM has since successfully executed 11 water supply projects, alongside various other endeavors led by different units within the organization. 

At the beginning of 2023, IOM collaborated with local authorities in the Ash Shammayteen district to identify sites requiring urgent water interventions. During coordination meetings, the Shawhat site emerged as a priority, prompting IOM to conduct a rapid technical assessment of the area. 

The needs assessment revealed that although people had access to water, the amount they received could not meet their daily needs. In its efforts to address water scarcity, IOM is enhancing existing diesel power pumping systems with solar power, an eco-friendly approach that maximizes efficiency and affordability while minimizing environmental impact. 

Additional actions included conducting pumping tests and water quality analyses, organizing refresher training for water management committees, and rehabilitating critical infrastructure such as pumping rooms and water tanks. These initiatives are vital steps towards ensuring sustainable access to safe drinking water and enhancing community resilience. 

With a focus on providing essential services to displaced communities and addressing challenges like water scarcity and damaged healthcare systems, IOM’s initiatives in Ta’iz aim to bolster community strength and support sustainable development. 

Through comprehensive health programmes, women empowerment initiatives, and strategic water projects, IOM is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable populations and promoting long-term recovery in the Ta’iz Governorate. 

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