At the global level IOM has developed an integrative approach to achieve integration and social cohesion through the Joint Global Initiative on Diversity, Inclusion and Social Cohesion (DISC), to enhance IOM’s capacity and programming to support Member States and relevant partners in the areas of migrant integration, inclusion, and social cohesion. The DISC Initiative serves as a platform to share, learn, develop, and implement innovative strategies and interventions that tap into the existing assets and potential of both migrants and communities, and supports in countering xenophobia and stigma to foster social cohesion in the COVID-19 response and recovery. The DISC initiative presents a guidance note to provide project managers and developers, as well as event organizers and facilitators, with guidance in fostering migrant integration and social cohesion through social mixing activities “The Power of Contact: Designing, Facilitating and Evaluating Social Mixing Activities to Strengthen Migrant Integration and Social Cohesion Between Migrants and Local Communities”. Social cohesion and integration are crucial and highly relevant topics for the MENA region, as the region is marked by a strong migratory phenomenon with large population movements, refugees, and internally displaced persons.


IOM LMI unit supports governments at national and local level to develop programmes that respond to migrants' integration needs and deliver migrant-friendly services, therefore technical support to beneficiaries and stakeholders is offered through trainings, workshops, advisory services, and other capacity-building initiatives, drawing on a range of integration models and best practices gained through field experience.


Under the DISC initiative IOM aims to:

  • Promote a shared understanding and whole-of-society approach to migrant inclusion and social cohesion.
  • Develop the skills and capacities of different stakeholders to facilitate inclusion and social cohesion.
  • Foster an evidence-based and unifying narrative on the contributions of both migrants and communities